Feb 17

oDAS injection Just got a whole lot easier.


Consultix unleashed its power amplifiers engineering expertise and the result is the HTX multi-port amplifier extension to its multi-port transmitters.


oDAS applications required a new class of high power CW signal generators that are highly
portable and easy-to-operate in order to cope with the industry requirements for convenient and cost efficient tools.


Consultix HTX line of High Power CW kits consists of our award winning WTX-35-B4 wideband four-port test transmitter along with the new WTX-350 Power amplifier chassis including up to two amplifiers of user’s choice.

The HTX kit allows users to stay agile and perform model tuning and DAS infrastructure commissioning regardless of the site conditions. Multi-Port operation allows you to test several bands simultaneously cutting down on both testing time and cost.


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