Survival for the Fittest



When you are climbing up an antenna tower, you can’t worry about your Cable & Antenna Tester Falling.

If you’re in the field chasing an interference source, your Handheld Spectrum Analyzer shouldn’t limit your mobility and should be able to go wherever the job requires.


When you’re delivering a project and racing to catch a deadline, reliability in the field becomes a MUST!


Times have changed and field operations are becoming more demanding every day, with less tolerance for lengthy repairs or costly replacements.


For over a decade, Consultix has perfected its line of RF test equipment to address the exact needs of field users; Precision, Portability, Ease of Use and above all Durability.



Consultix RF Field Test Tools… Engineered to Survive.


Consultix MTM-427 Cable & Antenna Tester 


Consultix MTM-427s Spectrum Analyzer


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