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Consultix CellScout is an ultra-portable, fast and easy to use tool for over-the-air measurements of 2G, 3G, 4G and DAS Networks. Designed for installation and optimization crews, CellScout provides instantaneous insights about network activities of the current serving cell as well as its neighbors.


CellScout is a stand-alone device that fits in the palm of the user, while allowing direct control and measurements reviews at maximum simplicity and convenience without need for any external host.



  • One Button measurements:
    • Serving Cell Display
    • Top N Signals Display
    • Benchmarking Mode (Optional)
  • Live & Statistical Measurements
  • Filter & Export Measurements
  • GPS & Diversity ports
  • 700g weight. LCD Touch Screen



Measurement Insights
LTE Measurements

  • EARFCN, Physical Cell ID, Received Signal Power, RSRP & RSRQ.

WCDMA Measurements

  • UARFCN, PSC, SCR, RSCP, EcIo, RSSI Received Signal Power

Statistical Insights

  • Dominant PCI/PSC (%)
  • Min, Max, Avg


Band Options

  • LTE: 800 (B20), 1800 (B3), 2600 (B7)
  • UMTS: 850 (B5), 900 (B8), 2100 (B1)
  • EGSM: 900/1800


  • LTE: 700 (B17), 850 (B5),
  • AWS 1700 (B4), 1900 (B2)
  • UMTS: 850 (B5), 1900 (B2)
  • EGSM: 850/1900

* Special Versions available for Verizon.




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