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 Test Transmitters

Test Transmitters

Consultix provides a family of field proof test transmitters that are simply portable RF signal generators yet in a form that is battery-operated and heavy-duty.


The WTX CW test transmitter family is particularly designed for field applications such as Inbuilding site modeling (model calibration), DAS injection / testing, walk-testing as well as outdoor path model tuning- thanks to its broad range of optional power amplifiers.


The WTX Family of CW Transmitters (handheld signal generators) offers a precise RF test signal in a form ranging from WCDMA modulation to a multi-band and multi-port CW Carrier.


Supporting a broad frequency range from 300 to 3000 MHZ in a single unit, hence covering most of wireless bands of 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) as well as WIFI 2.4 GHz with a compact handheld device.


The keypad and LCD provide direct user control for maximum ease and handiness that enable efficient and convenient operation



Consultix WTX Family has the following attributes common in all models :


High Accuracy

Handhled & Lightweight

Battery operated

Ergonomic User Interface

Modular and common in its internal modules to save user investments, and enhance logistics cycle

S/W and H/W upgradeable



Family Models:


Transmitter model Frequency Range NO. of RF ports Maximum Output Power** Modulations Weight User Interface Datasheet
WTX-05 Band selection of 700, 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, and 2600 MHz * 1 20 dBm CW and WCDMA 700 gm LCD & Keypad Download 
WTX-35-A 300 to 3000 MHz 1 20 dBm CW 700 gm LCD & Keypad Download 
WTX-35-B 400 to 2700 MHz Up to 4 simultaneously 15 dBm CW 700 gm LCD & Keypad Download 
WTX-35-C 60 to 3000 MHz 1 20 dBm CW 700 gm LCD & Keypad Download
illuminator 400 to 6000 MHz 2 (one at a time) 15 dBm (port 1 to 6 GHz)

40 dBm (port 2 to 2.7 GHz)


(3GPP Standard)

2 Kgm Touch Screen Download
Amplifier options 0.5 to 3.7 GHz 1 or 2 5 to 50 Watts 1.5 Kgm From TX


**Optional amplifiers available up to 40 Watts* In single band or tri-band selections






WTX CW Test Transmitter Family Datasheet


WTX-35-C Multi-band Test Transmitter Datasheet


Illuminator. Multi-mode Multi-band Test Transmitter





Wireless Test Receiver

Handheld Receivers MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver

MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver

Consultix Receivers are engineered to cope with the company unified vision to deliver a field-proof, user-friendly, small size, modular, and easy-to-maintain products covering every user’s field requirements and preferred setup.
In addition to its WRX Handheld family, Consultix extended its portfolio with a miniature pocket-size receivers; the MRX family that addresses the need for small field setup constituting just a pocket receiver supporting a broad range of personal computing devices.









Family Models:


WRX-33-A Wireless Test Receiver


WRX-33-B Wireless Test Receiver with internal Storage and multi-channel scanning


MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver


MRX-34-D Miniature Wireless Test Receiver with built-in battery



Walk-view software for Android phones

Walk-view software for Android phones

Walk-View PC & Android S/W tool for CW measurements using MRX and WRX receivers’ family


Download Walk-View







 Handheld Receivers


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