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MTM-427 Cable & Antenna Analyzer + Spectrum Analyzer

Heavy duty & pocket sized… Fit Tester for a Fit Network

MSRP $2,900

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MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer

MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The need

Site engineers and technicians have been using sweep testers also known as cable and antenna analyzers to validate installations or to find trouble locations and imperfections in wireless sites.

Sweep tester or Cable & Antenna analyzer is a simple kind of Vector Network Analyzer focusing on measuring VSWR, return loss, distance-to-fault and cable loss.

However due to the nature of this particular mission, conventional cable and antenna analyzers have been experiencing several failing points either due to common mistakes such as reverse RF power or the typical accidents inherent to using a quite fragile instrument in a tough environment. Such problems beside over-priced maintenance and repair costs of their sweep testers are pushing some companies to look for other price affordable approaches such as refurbished, or used cable and antenna analyzers to maximize their ROI.

Moreover, some users go for low cost line sweep testers which lacks the features and the adequate accuracy to qualify professional services.

Besides, the reporting and office works implied in such tasks made it true that site engineers spend almost 70% of their working hours at office. The fact that reduced the efficiency of companies due to wasting times of their most valuable assets.

To become a site master, site engineer should be given a tool that optimizes how to spend his time getting testing done at maximum ease and convenience while reports are created in a professional yet efficient way.




The MTM-427 Cable and antenna analyzer is primarily addressing the need for a tool that is engineered for field use and taking into consideration the different use cases and conditions associated with this mission; I..E a cable and antenna analyzer that is durable and convenient. Here, durability means maximum RF protection, and ruggedized construction, while convenience involves ease of use, intuitive user interface, flexible test accessibility, and the compactness that serves even the most difficult test points.

Maintaining the same performance and accuracy of conventional larger cable and antenna analyzers, the MTM-427 handheld cable and antenna analyzer considers the practical user needs for a heavy-duty and handy tool with maximum reliability against frequent and typical field accidents and faults.

The highly compact size and robust casing of the MTM-427 cable and antenna analyzer paves the way for testing scenarios that have been hard to realize before. Furthermore, it allows testing without a need for the additional launch cable (phase stable cable) in some cases.

State-of-the-art frequency domain reflectometer is employed as the line sweep testing technology in the MTM-427 to guarantee highest resolution to pinpoint adjacent faults along the cable run.

Keeping in mind the emerging test needs of inbuilding installations such as DAS and small cells measurements, The MTM-427 as a miniature portable cable & antenna analyzer is the best match for the special nature of such missions.

The device provides a frequency range from 400 to 2700 MHZ which covers most of wireless bands serving 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) as well as WIFI 2.4 GHz band.

The 4.3” Touch screen enables measurements at maximum ease and handiness with myriad of UI features to sort, review and compare curves and readings.


MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer-Condensed Specifications:


  • Frequency Range               400 to 2700 MHZ
  • Measurement Modes      VSWR, Return Loss, DTF, and Cable Loss
  • VSWR Range                       1-65
  • Return Loss Range            0 to 60 dB
  • Cable Length                       0 to 1000 m
  • RF Protection                     30 dBm (33 dBm peak)
  • Measurement speed      1.5 ms /data point
  • Accuracy                               42 dB (calibration kit return loss)
  • Weight                                   700 gm (1.5 lbs.)


MTM-427 user interface

MTM-427 user interface

consultix Cable and antenna analyzer PC Software Site Auditor

Cable and antenna analyzer PC Software “ Site Auditor”

Main Features:


  • 4,3 ” touch screen
  • Heavy duty Aluminum enclosure
  • Very compact and convenient for field use
  • Internal & external Storage
  • Field replaceable battery
  • Professional reporting software
  • Spinner calibration kit for excellent accuracy
  • Preset standard cable and band lists
  • High precision accessories




  • BTS Site installation, commissioning and acceptance
  • BTS site maintenance
  • Distributed Antenna Systems validation (DAS sweep testing)
  • Small cell installations
  • Antenna certification
  • Cables and feeders certifications


Typical users:


  • BSS engineers or managers
  • Network Rollout engineers
  • Cell site installation, commissioning and maintenance engineers
  • O&M (Operation & Maintenance) engineers
  • Implementation engineers
  • RF & RAN engineers
  • Field Engineers
  • Site Acceptance engineers
  • Telecom sub-contractors and service companies


Standard Package:


  1. DAS Master Base Unit (Sweep Testing)
  2. Carrying bag
  3. AC/DC Adapter (Charger)
  4. USB Memory stick
  5. User guide
  6. Site Auditor (PC Reporting Software)
  7. Shoulder Strap (with shock absorbers)
  8. Touch screen stylus pen
  9. USB Cable




Calibration Kits (Precision Combo ; Open, Short, Match/Load) Cable & Antenna Analyzer Cal kit
Precision Calibration kit N Male (6 GHz,42 dB Return Loss) IM-427-CKNM
Precision Calibration kit N Female (6 GHz,42 dB Return Loss) IM-427-CKNF
Precision Calibration kit 7/16 Male (6 GHz, 42 dB Return Loss) IM-427-CK7M
Precision Calibration kit 7/16 Female (6 GHz, 42 dB Return Loss) IM-427-CK7F
Adapter N Male Precision – 7/16 Male Precision IM-427-ANM7M
Adapter N Male Precision – 7/16 Female Precision IM-427-ANM7F
Adapter N Female Precision – 7/16 Male Precision IM-427-ANF7M
Adapter N Female Precision – 7/16 Female Precision IM-427-ANF7F
Test Cables  
1.5m  Launch cable , N male to 7/16 male IM-427-C7M
1.5m  Launch cable , N male to N female IM-427-CNF
1.5m  Launch cable , N male to N male IM-427-CNM



M-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer

IM-427 Cable & Antenna Analyzer

IM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer

MSRP $3,900

Cost affordable Cable & Antenna Analyzer providing accuracy equivalent to other expensive brands.The unit covers Frequency bands up to 2.7GHz, and comes in an industrial waterproof enclosure furnished with 7” Touchscreen & 7 hour battery.









MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer – Datasheet 
Consultix Cable and Antenna Analyzers Family Brochure
MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer – User Manual (Catalog)
MTM Site Auditor Reporting Software Manual
IM-427 Cable & Antenna Analyzer-Datasheet


PC Reporting Software:


Site Auditor SW – for MTM-427 Cable and Antenna Analyzer





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