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Handheld Receivers MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver

MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver

Consultix Receivers are engineered to cope with the company unified vision to deliver a field-proof, user-friendly, small size, modular, and easy-to-maintain products covering every user’s field requirements and preferred setup.
In addition to its WRX Handheld family, Consultix extended its portfolio with a miniature pocket-size receivers; the MRX family that addresses the need for small field setup constituting just a pocket receiver supporting a broad range of personal computing devices.









Family Models:


WRX-33-A Wireless Test Receiver


WRX-33-B Wireless Test Receiver with internal Storage and multi-channel scanning


MRX-34-C Miniature Wireless Test Receiver


MRX-34-D Miniature Wireless Test Receiver with built-in battery



Walk-view software for Android phones

Walk-view software for Android phones

Walk-View PC & Android S/W tool for CW measurements using MRX and WRX receivers’ family


Download Walk-View






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