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The aim of iBuildNet® is to turn in-building RAN design into an engineering art. iBuildNet®’s streamlined and automated processes revolutionise the way in-building RANs are designed and deployed, providing comprehensive information on all aspects of a project. Through accurate radio network performance evaluation and intelligent information processing, iBuildNet® addresses the major challenges wireless operators face and seamlessly manages the in-building project lifecycle with various reporting mechanisms. It improves communication and collaboration across different organisations and departments, resulting in lower CAPEX/OPEX, greater productivity and return on investment.



iBuildNet® redefines in-building wireless network design automation. Its intelligent algorithms enable automatic and optimal 3D indoor network design that is unparalleled by any other tools available on the market, resulting in over a 50% enhancement in productivity for system integrators and typical 20-30% CAPEX/OPEX savings for operators.

iBuildNet® is useful for a wide range of indoor wired and wireless network design, planning, optimisation, and deployment. For example, iBuildNet® can be used to:

Design the various wireless networks in single buildings, such as microcells, repeaters, distributed antenna system, femtocells, Wi-Fi and others.

Design and optimise the wireless network used in shopping centres, hotels, offices, stadiums and tunnels.

Design the wired and wireless network in multiple buildings.

Support various 2G, 3G and B3G systems.

Troubleshoot existing wireless network issues by providing visualisation of the radiowave propagation.

iBuildNet® can be also used in academic research and industrial research institutes to investigate the indoor, indoor to outdoor interference (such as between femtocells or between femtocells and macro cell), wireless sensor networks, Ethernet and indoor wireless localization.

iBuildNet® has the following features:

  • Passive/Active/Hybrid indoor signal distribution solutions
  • Supports multi-standard, frequency bands and systems
  • Supports heterogeneous network deployment with Femtocell/WiFi
  • Auto-recognition of floor plans from .dxf, .dwg files
  • Ability to add door/window, floor, ceiling and other design elements and assign material properties
  • 3D virtual building and DAS illustration
  • Accurate cross-floor indoor radio signal predication
  • Industry-leading indoor radio propagation engine
  • Measurement-based calibration of propagation models
  • Wireless system coverage/capacity analysis
  • Comprehensive built-in material and component databases
  • Project documentation with reports and system design plans covering the range of the project lifecycle
  • Indoor-outdoor interference analysis
  • Campus wide joint indoor-outdoor network planning & optimisation




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