Design Services


Consultix has a full services portfolio dedicated to IBS/DAS design, optimization & Implementation.

Our Ad-Hoc service packages are specifically designed to help IBS/DAS Contractors offload parts of their design scope to accelerate project delivery with significant savings in design, project management and testing costs. Contractors often choose to take full Leverage of our End-to-End Project Expertise from Project inception all the way to Sign-off & Delivery or any subset thereof according to their project needs.

Owing to our long presence as a leading IBS/DAS Test Equipment Manufacturer we’ve cooperated with all the big names in the IBS market providing tools & services that met their challenging performance, time & budget criteria.


Survey & Project Acquisition

Our services come complete with all the needed testing tools, skilled operators and Industry’s best testing practices

  • KPI Definition
  • IBS Equipment Recommendations, assessment & Evaluation
  • Benchmarking Measurements
  • CW and Walk-Testing Measurements
  • Propagation Model Tuning & Calibration
  • Pre-Installation & Acceptance Testing

Providing unmatched End-to-End Services From the very first days of project inception


Design Services

Design Services With innovative process that saves up to 60% of the total design time, this has been tested on projects of different scopes, including:


  • Active / Passive DAS
  • Power Sharing / Neutral-Host Solutions
  • Public Safety
  • WiFi
  • Small Cell

Our team of iBwave Certified Designers, with 3-10 years of IBS design experience, have an extensive portfolio implementing different IBS/DAS/oDAS/WiFi solutions around the globe.




  • 3 Different Operators
  • All Technologies: 2G/3G/4G
  • 40,000 Seats
  • 220 Antenna
  • 270 RU
  • 60 Sectors

Total Design Time: 3 Weeks with Different mapping  per carrier to match capacity requirements.


Convention Center

  • 4 Different Operators
  • All Technologies: 2G/3G/4G
  • 600,000 sq.ft.
  • 138 Antennas
  • 35 RU
  • 10 Sectors

Total Design Time: 2 Weeks for multi-carrier + public safety design Optimized for minimum number of RUs per location.



Project Management

Through our experience we see that this is the best practice to control the design quality and project-time to ensure that deliverables meet both your technical and time requirements. We will always assign an IBS-Qualified project manager to your project to carefully plan and follow through with service delivery through the project lifecycle; starting from the requirements collection and scope definition all the way until final acceptance and sign-off.

In addition, our PM services scope can extend to handle communication with Your clients, Contractors or Third-Parties to handle different project objectives on your behalf. This can extend to include RFP Analysis, Bidding and Proposal Creation.


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