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 WTX-610 Vector Signal Generator

WTX-610 Vector Signal Generator



Consultix WTX-610 iLLuminator is the gold standard for portable RF signal generators / test transmitters. Using modulated signals makes it versatile tool for myriad applications.


Wideband operation up to 6 GHz allows the iLLuminator to address all your future needs of signal generators / test transmitters even over unlicensed bands for LTE-U and LAA or the CBRS Band. These features combined with the ultra-portable handheld form factor and innovative touch interface for maximum ease of use make the WTX-610 iLLuminator a convenient choice for laboratory users as well as field applications such as DAS & Small Cells radio planning and testing.


The built-In optional wideband power amplifier extends the illuminator’s capabilities to missions that requires high power CW test transmitter, whether for oDAS test and design or for performing outdoor CW model calibration.




  • Multi-Mode Test Transmitter
    – CW
    – WCDMA
    – LTE
  • 200 MHz to 6000 MHz
  • Up to +40 dBm / 10 Watt




  •  CW, LTE & WCDMA modulations
  • 200 to 6000 MHz in a single device
  • 10 Watt (Built-in Option)
  • 1 KHz frequency resolution
  • 1 dB Accuracy (Typ.)
  • Key-word upgradeable



  • Light weight < 2 K gm (5 lbs.)
  • Handheld & heavy-duty
  • Touch screen operation
  • Friendly user interface
  • Ergonomic enclosure




Illuminator User Manual


Application Note:

LTE Walk-Testing using iLLuminator and Test Phone



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